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Brief About The Company

MITRA ADIRA UTAMA was found to be a full-service warehouse company that manages 4 (four) warehouses with total over than 23,000 Sqm as public warehouse, cargo center warehouse for general cargo and perishable, container freight station (CFS) and many more across Indonesia.

MITRA ADIRA UTAMA provides a full range of services, including warehousing, fulfillment, and administrative. This integrated infrastructure helps industries to develop cost effective and product-appropriate solutions, no matter what logistical challenges our customers are facing.

Our profile :

Husein Sastranegara Airport

Husein Sastranegara Airport


2008, Mitra Adira Utama Was Established & to be assigned to manage warehouse in line 1 in the Raden Inten Airport, Lampung.
2009, Licensed As A Warehouse Operator By Department Of Transportation.
2010, Manage Warehouse Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung.
2013, Manage Banten Global Development (BGD) Warehouse In Soekarno Hatta Airport (KSO).
2014, Manage CFS (Container Freight Station) warehouse In Cikarang Dry Port (KSO).

Raden Intan Airport, Lampung

Raden Inten Airport, Lampung


To become a Worldwide Warehouse Operator and the benchmark of efficiency and effectiveness in warehousing services.


  • To continually innovate to provide effective and efficient services in fulfilling emerging and changing customer needs.
  • To provide reliable service and efficient ground handling services for Domestic and International airports in Indonesia.
  • To set a secure service, speed, and accuracy is our top priority.

Quality Policy and K3 (Safety)

PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA has a commitment to provide a services and products that meet customer satisfaction, comply to K3 (safety) regulation. PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA is committed to protect all employees and those who are inside its operation area from the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.
To achieve this policy, PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA has arrange, implement, maintain and improve the SMM–ISO 9001:2008, SMK3–OHSAS 18001:2007 with the full support from management and all employees.

To achieve this policy, company is committed to :

  • Conduct all the goverment regulations and applicable requirements that related with business of PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA. To inform this policy to all employees and other related parties beyond PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA.
  • Give priority to customer satisfaction by provide a quality of services and competitive prices.
  • Ensure a tangible working procedures and applicable in every part.
  • Conduct a periodic survey and continuous improvement of the implementation of the Quality System and K3 (safety).
  • Monitor the quality and K3 (safety) and take corrective action to discrepancy.
  • Prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases through the protection of workers in each activity.
  • Ensure that all employees have been trained aproriate with its job description and job area to ensure a good quality, secure, and consistent services
  • Comply with the requirements set by customers, partners and other relevant regulatory agencies in the warehousing services.

There is no important and urgent job that may ignore quality, safety and occupational health
All employees and business partners inside PT MITRA ADIRA UTAMA must implement the Quality Policy and K3 (safety), corresponding to its duties and responsibilities.
This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated if necessary, minimum once a year.