First Direct Consolidation Shipment From Bangkok To Cikarang Dry Port By FM Global Logistics

FM Global handled their first direct consolidation shipment to Cikarang Dry Port.

A 20 ft sized Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo container inbounds from Bangkok directly to Cikarang Dry Port CFS warehouse, operated by Mitra Adira Utama.
Consolidation to Cikarang Dry Port is FM Global’s new service to meet the need of customer in industrial area like Cikarang , Cibitung , Karawang and Purwakarta. The first consolidation from Bangkok to Cikarang Dry Port was only the first step and would be followed by consol from Port Klang Malaysia. FM Global Cikarang office had been set up close to customer to support various needs of industries in Bekasi, Cibitung , Cikarang , Karawang , Purwakarta and Subang.
By conducting LCL shipment through Cikarang Dry Port, shippers and consignees could enjoy multiple benefits in their logistics and supply chain processes. As an integrated port and logistics facilities, Cikarang Dry Port is facilitating the logistics and supply chain parties for more efficient and competitive logistics activities.
Cikarang Dry Port appreciates FM Global and their customers for this shipment. Hopefully more and more would come, in line with Cikarang Dry Port aim to become suitable place of supply chain activities, bringing all parties in one place for better coordination and increasing productivity.

FM first consol

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