DHL First Direct Consolidation Shipment to Cikarang Dry Port

September 2014, DHL and ATT Group handled their first consolidation shipment to Cikarang Dry Port. A 40 ft sized LCL cargo containerinbounds from Singapore directly to Cikarang Dry Port CFS warehouse, operated by Mitra Adira Utama.

By conducting LCL shipment through Cikarang Dry Port, shippers and consignees could enjoy multiple benefits in their logistics and supply chain process, such as certainty, traceability,mof inventory impact to total logistics cost. Direct Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading, integrated customs and quarantine inspection, integrated facilities inside the terminal, leading to cheaper and faster overall logistics cost in seamless supply chain process.

Cikarang Dry Port appreciates DHL, ATT Group and their customers for this shipment. Hopefully more and more would come, in line with Cikarang Dry Port aim to become suitable place of supply chain activities, bringing all parties in one place for better coordination and increasing productivity.

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